Genmai Tea/玄米茶




Genmai tea is richly flavoured Japanese green tea mixed with roasted rice.

This tea allows you to enjoy special rice flavour and refresh taste of Japanese green tea.


特上玄米茶/Premium Genmai Tea



Kaorisabo Genmai tea is using bigger leaves from first flash tea.

You will enjoy refeshing taste and flavour.

This tea will be suitable to drink when you are hungry or night time since containing less caffein.


售價  Price : HKD36(50克/g) 

抹茶玄米茶/Matcha Genmai Tea


特上玄米茶有濃厚的 "Umami" ﹙指帶海苔味道的甘甜吧﹚,茶湯顔色翠綠之餘,還透出玄米的甘香。


We use "Matcha" for Premium Genmaicha.

"Maccha" is special powder tea used for Japanese traditional tea party.

You can enjoy deep "Umami" and "Sweetness" with roasted rice refreshing flavour.

We use Kyoto tea party class Matcha which is very high class.

 售價  Price : HKD55(50克/g) 

Why only 50g per package??


Freshness is very important for Japanese tea.

So all of our tea products are antioxidant package.

Once you open the package, the tea quality will start to change.

We would like our customer to drink in the best condition.

So we pack only 50g per package.


Once you open the package, please drink ASAP!!!